Recent release highlights

October 2019


  • Heroes New Hero component. Includes branded version as see on Mizzou homepage. #80
    • Includes an added JavaScript library for manipulating SVGs. This is used on the tear decoration and is inserted into the head.twig file.
  • Social Media Icons Adds social media icons with multiple size and color options. #95
  • Contact Card Adds Contact Card along with two variations. #67
  • Overlays Adds background overlay mixin and effects. Includes gel effects on backgrounds.
  • Buttons Adds the button type and sets the default to the correct value of submit. #92
  • Added more files to the .npmignore file.


  • Updates to README. h/t to Derek Howard!
  • Navs Updated README address the Object vs. Array vs. Hash issue. #71
  • Search Results Removed the h2 from the search results page. This should be handled by the broader page layout.
  • Buttons Cleans up id output for buttons. #92

September 2019

For the complete CHANGELOG, see the repository on Gitlab.

New/updated components

  • Buttons. To support the branded versions, buttons are now organized into Base, Primary and Secondary. Primary and Secondary buttons now have default, light and ghost variants.
    • The original --ghost-gold and --ghost classes have not been changed but should now be considered variants of primary and secondary buttons, respectively. In a future update, the styles will be refactored to require a proper BEM setup.
    • Added --light versions to Buttons.

Branded components

With the 1.2 series we are starting to roll out branded versions of our components. Buttons and Page Headers (new) currently have base and branded versions available. More are on the way!

If there are specific branded components you’d like to see prioritized, please let us know on Gitlab or by emailing us directly at

Font Updates

We added Open Sans Condensed, Open Sans Extra bold and more Clarendon styles to the font stack along with some more tweaks to the overall typescale.

Templates & the @miz namespace

Based on feedback from developers who are integrating the DS with our WordPress Base Theme, we will phase out our template files in future builds. They will still be available here and on Gitlab for demo and starter file use, but they will not be files included in future builds. If you’re referencing any files in the twig/templates/ directory please move toward having your own versions of those files.

Also, the use of the @miz namespace in Twig files now should only refer to macros and be used with the import or from ... import Twig tags. All other uses should refer to files relative to the views root.

Other highlights

  • Text Crop. Added text-crop mixin to adjust issues introduced by font line heights miz/scss/mixins/_text.scss.
  • Head meta information. Updates default html attributes to include dir="ltr" and specifies lang="en-US".


  • Navs. Fixes bug where class and attributes weren’t merging in the right order for navlinks. #64
  • Image width bug. Images were not staying with the .miz-page-content__single|article containers. #66
  • Social SVG colors. Added back in .miz-svg--facebook, et. al. For use on MU Alert site. #55
  • Block Messages. Right padding on the header and content containers for Block Messages were not balanced compared to the left. #54