As we refine our release schedule and our backlog, we retain a “Future Releases“ issue on Gitlab. It will be updated often and link off to specific issues with more information.

As always, we maintain a large backlog of issues in Gitlab. If you feel an issue is missing, please feel free to add it.


  • Branding. The relaunch of the Mizzou homepage and it’s new, branded look requires us to focus heavily on those branded components. During fall 2019 and beyone we’ll be rolling out new components and updating already existing ones with branded versions for your use.
  • Integration. Our core team is working on further integration of the Design System with sites we manage. This requires us to work in tandem on new features here in the Design System and on needed components and styles in the sites using the system.
  • WordPress & Drupal. Key to the integration is getting viable WordPress and Drupal instances in place. Our team is working hard to provide these services to you as soon as they’re stable and ready to go.


  • Refinement. As time allows, we will continue to refine the existing underlying styles and code. We will communicate heavily any updates affecting your use of the Design System.
  • Workshops & collaboration. Once we have a good number of sites using the 1.0 we want to work with the developers who are using it. IF you’re not in the core team, we want to know what you’re using, what’s missing and what can we do to help.


  • Phasing out Bootstrap. As our system matures, we may not have a need for Bootstrap. We expect to remove it at some point in the future. This will be a breaking change and will be MAJOR update.
  • Theming and extended uses